Asian Women Site respects the right of members to confidentiality and will do everything possible to facilitate its non-disclosure.

Information about Asian Women Site members includes:

  • standard data, automatically received by a http-server during access to the Site (the IP-address of the host, time, type and information about the viewing program, which requested a resource, member's operational system type, page address, from which the transition to the requested resource was done);
  • data in electronic form, provided by members during registration with the Site (members profiles - including, but not limited to: member names, logins, passwords, confidential control questions and answers, e-mail addresses, socio-metric data and the data on their preferences).

Gathering, storage, protection, processing and distribution of information

Asian Women Site gathers information about members in accordance with the rules, determined by the present website.

Asian Women Site does not verify reliability of collected information about members and does not control the legal status of members.

All information collected, stored and processed about members by Asian Women Site is considered to be restricted access information.

Asian Women Site undertakes all reasonable measures to protect information about its members from destruction, distortion or disclosure.

Women, interested in acquaintance, have access only to the information about members of the Site. Information about other members is not accessible to the members of Asian Women Site. An exception is made for general data, which characterize Asian Women Site as a whole, for example, information about distribution of the members by country, age, occupation, education, etc.

Asian Women Site uses information from members' profiles (login and password, email address) only for authorization of Internet resource access.

Responsibility for the safety of the provided information is carried by the member. Any actions, conducted with the use of such information, are considered by Asian Women Site as the actions, conducted by the member. Other information from a member's profile is not used by Asian Women Site for distributing information to members, except for the cases stipulated by the Site usage rules, or by members' obvious inquiry.


Asian Women Site considers the references, including members inquiries, concerning their personal data usage, sent by the members to Customer Support Team. Anonymous messages will not be considered.

All correspondence, sent by members to the Asian Women Site address is perceived by Asian Women Site as restricted access information and can be published only with the consent of the member. Addresses, personal data and other information about the members, who have sent these letters, cannot be used without their special consent for other purposes, but only to provide answers on the subject of a received letter.

The present Privacy Policy is an open and publicly accessible document. The current edition of the Agreement is placed in the Internet and has the following permanent address.

Asian Women Site reserves the right to modify the present Privacy Policy, and notify members about such modifications at the address, where the present Privacy Policy is placed, not later than 7 days before the respective alterations will come into force.